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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eden Fantasys Review and GIVEAWAY

Just a note before we start: Eden Fantasys allowed me to choose something from their site to review in exchange for writing this post, and yes, it is the type of site that the word "fantasy" probably makes you think of.  There's my disclosure and your warning.

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. You never know who is listening/reading and who will say "Sure, why not?"

A few weeks ago, I posted this little blurb on a random thoughts post:

I've seen SO many "adult" toy reviews and giveaways lately. Maybe it's the universe telling me to stop being so repressed and go get a toy. I'll know that is what it's trying to tell me if I actually win one of those giveaways.

Just hours later, I was contacted by Eden Fantasys about the possibility of doing a review and giveaway.

I blushed at my computer screen, but figured, WHY NOT?

Never shopped at any of those types of sites. And my only experience with visiting an actual shop was when I went into one with Hubs YEARS ago, looking for a bachelor party gift for one of his friends. The whole time, I kept thinking "Oh, please, don't let any of the parents of the students I teach see me."

A website, though, is a lot less embarrassing. Eden Fantasys has a variety of products from bubble bath to candles to sex toys and lingerie.

I almost took the chicken's way out and ordered something like bubble bath.

But, then I thought: why not take advantage of this opportunity? It's all in the interest of a review, that's all. Really.

Being a first-timer, I looked for phrases like this: great first toy for beginners.

I'd also heard that a bath toy is sort of the easiest introduction to this sort of thing.

So, I found this guy:

The Baby Bug. I call him "Wormy."

That settled, my next concern was what exactly the return address was going to say and if you could tell what it was just by looking at the package.

Not that I care what the mailmen think.

But, I don't pick up my mail from the post office. Most days, my MOTHER-IN-LAW does. To be helpful, so I don't have to go to the post office every day.

There are some things that she just never needs to know.

But, I was safe:

Wormy is a cute little thing. Even though I started thinking that he was staring at me, taunting me. Maybe even smirking.

But, we made friends. *Blushes*

A very non-intimidating toy to start out with if you are like I was and never owned anything like this before. This is what I told my BFF about it(yes, we talk about everything, even this): "I'm relaxed, but not fully...um...satisfied? I'd go for a 'big girl' toy next time, though Wormy was a safe first choice."

Okay, I should probably stop here. I mean, I know I pretty much spill everything on this blog, but I think you get the picture.

By the way, Wormy is now locked up in my bathroom cabinet. He looks way too much like a regular bath toy to risk leaving him out and about.

Now, you have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Eden Fantasys.

Mandatory Entry: Visit Eden Fantasys and tell me what you think you'd like to try.

*Um, people, here's a hint: Not feeling like disclosing what you really want? Just say: Those lovely floating candles.

*the brave entry: if you list something other than candles or bubble bath
*follow my blog through Google Friend Connect
*grab my button for your blog
*follow me on twitter
*tweet about this giveaway, include @shellthings in your tweet
*BONUS: for TWO entries: if you plan to dance and send your link for Just Dance Your Bloggy Off on Friday, you can enter TWO more times. These entries will only count IF you do link up on Friday.

This giveaway will end at 9pm on Saturday, March 6th.



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winner: Color Cookies Preschool Game

The winner of the Color Cookies Game giveaway is:

Please email me your shipping info!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Be sure to come back tomorrow when the Eden Fantasys giveaway starts!



A Sensitive Man and a Backyard Makeover

I received free Dove products in exchange for writing this review.

If you've been around here any amount of time, you probably know that Hubs is comfortable in his own skin.

He has no problem playing Just Dance with me or letting me post a video of him shaking it to a NKOTB song.

He wears pink shirts and will tell you just about everything.

He's a sensitive man who even loves his scrubby puffs(aka loofa).

That's why he was a fabulous candidate to try the new Dove Men + Care product line.

When the box arrived, he dug in and was happy to find body wash and an "Active Clean Shower Tool": the manly version of a scrubby puff. There was also a bar of soap, but he's much more of a body wash type of guy, so that is stored in our linen closet for now.

Hubs has sensitive skin. He always jokes and says, "I'm a sensitive guy."

So, while he initially was thrilled with the Dove Men + Care shower gel and liked his "shower tool"(maybe even a bit too much), and while we both like the scent, I was anxiously waiting to see what would happen as the day progressed.

Would he itch? Break out in a rash? Curse me for making him try it?

Not at all! Dove talks about their moisturizers that provide total skin comfort, with no irritation and my sensitive guy will tell you that it lives up to its promise.

I don't think I'll have to share my shower gel any more and can now buy some girlier smelling gel for myself. Hubs is a sensitive man, but even he had to draw the line somewhere. Now, it will be Dove Men + Care for him and something fruity for me.

You can find a $1 off coupon HERE.


Still with me? Good.

When was the moment when you knew your husband was comfortable in his own skin?

You can win him a BACKYARD MAKEOVER by telling about his "unsung moment." That moment that you knew he really was comfortable in his own skin.

A photo, a video, a blog about your husband.

Might even score you some brownie points with him.

And how fabulous would it be to win a backyard makeover for him?

Of course, your husband will have to beat out mine....

Click HERE to enter.



It's that time again....

Awards time! You know I can't follow the rules for these things, but I still like to post them.
I'd rather tell you about some blogs that I think you should know about than tell you more random facts about me. I tell you all that stuff the rest of the time.

This award cracks me up. It's from Desert Rose Moments, who will also crack you up.

The official rules for this award are that you list 6 things that you are a master of and pass it on to 6 other blogs.
In case I'm passing this to you and you like to follow rules.

I'm going to pass it along to my oldest friend and then some newer blog friends.

Angie at In My Own Little Corner is my oldest friend. Not in age, of course. ;) But, we've known each other since we were in preschool together. We lost touch at different points, but every time we would find each other again, it was just like we'd been together the whole time. Her two boys are my two oldest boys' best friends. Most days, I'm pretty happy with our move, but I do have to say that it totally sucks that we now live 9 hours apart. I miss her. She's new to blogging and BIG THANKS to those of you who have welcomed her already. If you haven't, please go stop by.

I'm also passing this along to Sarah at For the Love of Naps, Mama B at Peanut Butter in My Hair, and Messy Mommy.

All newer bloggyfriends, but sometimes you can tell quickly just how fabulous someone is. I've already had countless email conversations with Sarah. Mama B wrote an amazing post on friendship yesterday, and I adore her. Messy Mommy is totally someone I would hang out with irl, if only she didn't just live in my computer; be sure to check out her new blog carnival, Movie Mondays.

Please go visit some of these fabulous ladies!
And tell them I sent you.

Comments are off. Go give these blogs your love instead

Today is the last day to enter my Color Cookies Preschool Game Contest.
Click HERE to enter.
*One extra entry if you go visit and follow one of the blogs I mentioned today.



Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Fragments: Is There Any Other Kind?

Mommy's Idea


I want to be sure that you know the dance contest is ON! Official rules posted today: Just Dance Your Bloggy Off 


I love my blogging friends. I told you all how Hubs makes fun of me for not being able to whistle and how he tells me that I'm the only person in the world who can't. Well, 32 of the 89(!!!!) comments were admissions from other non-whistlers. And there were quite a few "weak whistlers." I'm ignoring those of you who called me a loser for not being able to whistle and I'M TELLING HUBS THAT HE IS WRONG. I love when I can do that.

 When I make buffalo chicken pasta, my two youngest literally lick their plates clean. Should I try to teach them better table manners or be thrilled that I don't have picky eaters?


Do you know that my Survivor Buff-on WON? So, it paid off to post the most horrible picture ever taken of me. That's what I was going for, but I'm still thrilled to have won a prize for it. You can see all of them HERE. I won fabulous WINE-RELATED prizes.


I smell so yummy today. I won Philosophy's Snow bathwash and lotion from a giveaway recently, but I can't remember whose blog I won it from. I hate not being able to thank someone for it. Did I win it from you? Could you tell me? Because I'm really obsessive about this stuff. And I LOVE the lotion. Really, I can't stop smelling myself.


Only ONE WEEK left until I leave for Bloggy Bootcamp in Baltimore. I can't wait! Are you going to be there? I know a lot of you ladies will be dressing up, but I'll be in jeans and have my son's tote bag that he got from kindergarten registration yesterday. He hates it so I might as well use it. It says: I'm a Big Kid Now.


Trying to decide on a funny shirt.
I've always loved this one:

Come to the dark side, we have cookies.
Then again, that might scare people off.
Plus, I do not want to let everyone know that Sunday, who is threatening to wear a screaming banshee mask, and blogs at WYSIWYG, is bringing cookies for me.
I might have to share.

Love this one!
I'm a celebrity, really
It would be hilarious if anyone thought I was delusional enough to think I'm a celebrity.
But, I love to laugh at myself, so this might be perfect.
And, you'd be able to find me easily.


Don't forget to enter my Color Cookies preschool game giveaway HERE
It ends tomorrow!



Just Dance Your Bloggy Off: The Official Rules

You loved watching the few brave souls dance last time.

If you missed out, click HERE.

But, we need to dance some more!

I am teaming up with Supahmommy who wanted in on my fabulous idea to bring you:

You need Just Dance for Wii to participate.

Many, many, many of you have bought it recently.
You're welcome, Nintendo.

And everyone LOVES it.

We will pick a song for this week to make it fair.

Since doing the "mashed potato" is MUCH easier than telling someone that "you can't touch this."

Song for the week: GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

Here's what you do:
* PRACTICE. The SHORT version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
*We need video proof of your dance and your HIGHEST SCORE on your blog. No editing. So you might be filming yourself nonstop for a week. Pretend it's your own reality show.
*Only ONE entry per person.
*Set your dance to post at 9am EST NEXT Friday.
*Be sure to put our button on your post.
Thank you Amber for your help making it.

*Email Shell or Supah when your post is up. We'll keep your score a secret until DANCE OFF TIME and then we'll link you up ourselves. Come back to our blogs to see the other contestants and to see who wins!

Our high scorer will win 4 brand new advanced copy romance books courtesy of Hatchette books.

And the title of Dancing Queen of the Week.
Major bragging rights right there.

You can't possibly look as silly as my bil this random guy I don't know:
if the video isn't appearing for you, just refresh and it should be there.
You don't want to miss it.

 And, you know, there might even be a booby prize!

Supahmommy and I will be having our own little competition.

It's not really fair if one of us wins. Don't listen to Supah's lies about my being an exotic dancer- she's just trying to distract you from her past. And she's jealous that I was a former ballerina back when I was seven.    But, since we're both ultra-competitive, we couldn't completely sit this out.

So, we will be competing against each other for the title of SUPREME Dancing Queen of the Week.

That's right, we get to be SUPREME.

Supah has seen me dance irl. After consuming countless $1 drink specials. So, she's not scared of me. She should be, since the Wii doesn't care that I look like a dork when I dance; it only cares if I shake my Wii remote the right way. And, oh, I can shake it!

Are you ready to DANCE????

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Color Cookies Preschool Game Giveaway
Click HERE to enter

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I blog and a Get-Out-of-the-House-Kid-Free Card

Yes, I double-dip.
And proud of it.

I couldn't resist this Top 3 Thursday question this week: What are your TOP THREE reasons for blogging?


3. It's much more fun than doing housework.

2. It stops me from exploding: Believe it or not, I actually TRY to be polite out in public. And not always say what I'm thinking because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings or even more that I don't want to look insane. It's not like you can walk up to a total stranger and pour your heart out. And yet, you can on your blog. It's like free therapy.

And the #1 and probably only completely serious answer of mine:
1. The friendships I've made.

Really. I can't believe the friends that I have made through blogging. I've definitely found "my tribe," along with my bloggysister and now even my irl BFF blogs.

I feel like I know you and that you know me.

That it will not be weird at all when I get to meet some of you soon. It will be just like seeing an old friend.

I want to especially thank those of you who were so supportive of my post about Bear yesterday.  And hope that you'll understand that I totally sucked at getting to all of your blogs yesterday because of his evaluation and some lab work I had to take him in for.

Do you know that aside from my BFF, I really didn't tell many people irl about what we have been going through with Bear? Because I really felt like they would judge. People I called friends. And I was worried about them judging.

And yet, I didn't hesitate to post about him here.

And pretty much beg you to read that post.

Because y'all are FABULOUS.

And, THAT is why I blog.

I will be posting about his evaluation soon.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


And, Shhhhhhhhh! I have to share this secret with you. I wasn't going to double dip today, but I had to, so that I could share this really cool trick that I learned for getting out of the house kid-free and on time! Plus I wanted to show you the cool ice cream thing I made. Cool, ice cream? Yes, I love puns.

 How did I manage to get my time out without kids in tow this month?

Hubs is really good at trying to find that time for me, but he also works his ass off for us so that I can plop my ass in front of the computer and blog all day long stay home with our boys.

But, I really wanted to get out and see Dear John all by myself on a Sunday afternoon. You can read my review HERE.

Want to know my tip for making sure that you do actually get out to the movies when you want to?


Yes, go ahead and buy your ticket ahead of time online.

And then you can say, "Oh, I already bought my ticket and so I have to be there for the 1:15 show or we eat that ticket."

It was my easiest exit from the house, ever.

Fandango, I you!

Have you entered my Color Cookies Preschool Game Giveaway?
Click HERE to enter.


Details about the next dance-off are coming TOMORROW.
Shell and Supahmommy's Just Dance Your Bloggy Off.

You won't want to miss it!


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Survivor Challenge #2

That's right, I'm still on the island.
My player, Cirie, hasn't been voted off the show
Supah's Island.
Last week, we had to make a Valentine and send it to our host, Harv.
He picked his favorite and that Survivor won immunity for her team and some really cool prizes.
The winning card showed Harv her BOOBS.
Why didn't I think of that?
I have the biggest boobs of all the players.
I mean, my PLAYER, Cirie, has the biggest boobs.
Me, I'd love some implants to help my sad little girls out.
Hey, is that a prize, too?
Supah got everything else donated.
This week, we had to create a Survivor BUFF-on.
buff + button = buff-on
One that stood for us as a player in the game.
So, who am I?
Well, I've been told that I'm precious and sweet.
Are you laughing? You probably should be.
And my character is hero.
Who thinks she should be a villain.
Sort of like me:

 So, as Cirie said, I'm a:

Oh, dear God, is that what I look like when I squint into the sun?
Sunglasses better be a prize that I win before you vote me off the island.
'Cause I look scary!

This week, I really want to win because the prize is ALL ABOUT WINE.
You know that's perfect for me.
Be sure to check out the other buff-ons at Supah's Island.


A Completely Different Child

Just a few months ago, my little Bear....

Oh, my Bear.

He has always been such a sweet little boy.

But, he really struggled.

Developmental delays.

Sensory Processing Disorder.

Speech delays.

Even the big "A" word was tossed around.

All as a result of an illness that he had.

No one could tell us if the effects would go away as his body healed or if there would be permanent neurological damage. Just typing those three words makes me want to throw up.

I tried my best to hold it together during the day, but I would go into his room when he was sleeping, run my fingers through his hair, and pray for God to heal him. And cry. Wanting him to be "normal." Wanting everyone to be able to see the sweet little boy that he is.

Bear, on his first day of 3 year-old preschool.

He would try to express himself, get frustrated that he couldn't, and sometimes bite someone.

Or scream.

He'd try to tell us things, but couldn't really string many words together. Unless he was singing. It's the reason I tolerate the weirdness of Yo Gabba Gabba. Their songs helped us communicate with our son.

He'd cover his ears and leave the room if things were loud.

You could call for him and it was like he couldn't even hear you.

And not in the same way that my other boys might choose to ignore me.

He really couldn't hear me.

Getting him to do simple things like sit down or walk with his classmates in a line were impossible for him.

He wasn't trying to be difficult or defiant.

It was just beyond him to be able to do those things.

Even trying to get him to cooperate enough to be able to be evaluated by the early childhood interventionists was near impossible. They weren't sure what to do with him, since they couldn't really tell us any results that they considered valid. So, all they would suggest is that we retest him in a few months. Over and over again.

But, oh, how he's changed.

We all understand him now.

He speaks in long sentences.

He answers when you ask him a question.

Sometimes he says or does things that his older brother would get in trouble for, but we laugh and hug him. Excited that he CAN say these things.

He is able to sit and participate with his classmates.

He can hear you when you call for him.

Sometimes he might choose not to actually do what you tell him to, but it's a choice, not an inability to process what you are asking him to do.

He still has some struggles, but he is healing.

It's like he is a completely different child from who he was just a few months ago.

Bear, on the day of his preschool Valentine's Day party

I'm typing this with tears in my eyes.

He went through another early childhood intervention screening recently. I watched from another part of the room as he sat at the different stations, following directions and talking to the evaluators. We only hit one small bump, because they had over-scheduled the evaluations and at one point, he had to play for about a half an hour before moving to the final station. By that point, he was tired and wanting to play and didn't cooperate.

But, that was only one small segment. And I think it's even understandable for any three year-old.

The results of that screening told the team that he did not need to come back to undergo the full screening. Not unless I, as the parent, had additional concerns.

Because I like to be on the safe side and I'd rather he get additional help now if he needs it, and because his score was not much above their cut-off point for needing to have further evaluations done, I did tell the team that I wanted to bring him back for the full evaluation. That is where we are headed this afternoon.

I still worry about him. I don't know if I'll ever stop.

But, I know now that he is getting better. And pray that in time, there will be no lasting effects from his illness.

What a blessing.

Click HERE for other people who have to tell you the story behind their pictures.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Made-up Words, Whistling, and Boobs: Post-it Note Style

Say it with post-its! Click Supah's post-it to play along!


Click to visit:
Making Lemonade

Click HERE to enter!




Who thought my idea was so FABULOUS she just had to get in on it.
And I jumped at it because she's sort of famous, you know.
Plus, she has mad prize-getting skills...

to bring you :


Shell and Supahmommy's

"Just DANCE Your Bloggy Off"

Did you miss the brave souls who went first? Click HERE.
Sunday wants to keep her crown.
Which really should be mine, but I was being all nice and stuff and saying that I couldn't be the winner.

Go get Wii .. Just Dance and get ready to get yer butt kicked for prizes. It's on sale at Target and Kmart for $29.99!


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Mondays: I Never Agree with the Critics

I was actually able to see TWO movies recently, in the theater. We tend to wait for dvds a lot. Trying to find a sitter is sometimes more of a hassle than it's worth.  Plus, there's the whole not-able-to-stay-awake factor. So, this is a little rare for me!

Messy Mommy just started a new blog carnival last week called "Movie Monday," so this gives me a chance to talk about the movies and tell you why the critics are wrong! If you've watched a movie lately(in the theater, on dvd, or even just on tv) and want to talk about it, click the button below and link up!

Movie Monday @ Messy Mommy

Whether it's books or movies, anytime the critics are raving about something, I tend to get let down by it. But, when they don't like something, I tend to like it. Especially if the reason they don't like it is because it wasn't "deep" enough.


I don't need deep.

I just want to enjoy myself.

*The Valentine's Day review does not contain spoilers, though the Dear John review does.*

Hubs and I saw Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day. Awwwwww. That's when I busted my knees by performing my cartoon-like fall.

The critics basically hated this movie. Poor script, tacky comedy, date movie from hell, quantity of actors instead of quality: these were all reviews that I read.

But, do you know what? This movie was FUN. It was cute, sweet, and funny. 

I did get a big kick out of a line that Taylor Lautner's character said at one point: "I don't feel comfortable taking off my shirt in public."  I laughed and then felt a little dirty, thinking about how I drooled over him in New Moon, back when he wasn't even legal. I didn't know that then: I'm too young to be a cougar!

The relationship with the "old couple" was my favorite plotline. I just love the scene with them near the end, in the graveyard(yes, I said graveyard) and the speech about how loving someone means you love all of them, not just the good parts. It fits perfectly with my view on marriage.

Even Hubs liked this movie. He doesn't get into the deep and sappy crap, so this was cute. Plus, the last line of the movie made the whole theater laugh, sending us out the door in high spirits. I don't want to spoil it for you, though. But, if you ask me, I'll tell you.

You know how you'll flip through the channels, looking for something to watch and there will be a movie on that you've seen a million times, but you always stop to watch it anyway? Valentine's Day will become one of those movies for me.

The other movie I saw was Dear John. I'm a huge Nicholas Sparks stalker fan. Though, this was probably my least favorite books of his. I kind of went off about why in this post, but I'll give you the short version of why, since I know it's a pain to go back and read an old post to get caught up.

So, I just copied and pasted my main problem with the book:
Here's my problem with Dear John: at the end, you are left with a couple who is married(Savannah and Tim). The wife loves her husband, but it's more a marriage that just happened due to circumstance and not because she actually is IN love with him. She's IN love with her ex(John) and still thinks about him, wishing things had happened differently. Her husband, who just went through a bout of cancer from which he almost didn't make it, is well aware that his wife would choose to be with her ex if she wasn't so set on honoring her marriage vows, but her heart is really else where. And then there's the ex, who is still in love with the girl that he can never have.

Tragic all around, right?

You always expect changes from the book to the movie. But, the ones that were made this time around left me with an unsettled feeling. Maybe even more unsettled than the book...but it's pretty much a toss up.

I could dissect this for the-longest-post-ever, talking about the changes made from book to movie, but I'll just tell you about the two most important ones.

The biggest change was just plain creepy. Savannah still marries Tim, but Tim is OLD. Like, old enough to be her dad. He is sick before they get married and pretty much pressures her into marrying him so that she will take care of his autistic son(in the book, this child is his brother; Tim doesn't get sick until after they are married; and he's only a few years older than her). People in the theater were visibly shuddering when they found out whom she married. Some even called out "That's NASTY!"

Then, there's the big change in the ending. In the book, John sells his father's coin collection and uses the money to pay for Tim's experimental treatment and it saves Tim's life.

But, in the movie, the treatment gives him a couple more months to live, to come home and say goodbye to his son. Then, he dies. Savannah writes a letter to John, professing her eternal love, and they exchange a kiss at the end.

A friend of mine told me that she liked the movie better than the book because the movie gives you the happy ending that you want. But, is that really a happy ending? I don't know how you could take the plotline of the book/movie and actually come up with an ending that does sit well with me.

I did still cry at parts, because I'm a giant sap like that. And watching Channing Tatum without his shirt on didn't hurt, either. He's legal, right? Phew.

In my opinion, see Valentine's Day and be prepared to have an uneasy feeling if you see Dear John.

Anyone see these movies? What did you think?

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Color Cookies: Preschool Game GIVEAWAY

I was given an opportunity from CSN Stores to get  a free product from one of their fabulous sites and for you to win one, too!

Though they have some amazing products for baby: everything from toys to cribs to crib bedding, if you've been around here at all, you'll know that the thought of having another baby makes me break out in hives and develop a nervous twitch.

So, I selected an educational game for my older two to try out: Color Cookies. I love to do these kinds of activities with my boys.

Bear was so excited to open it, though I think that it was mostly because he thought there were real cookies in that jar. That jar that I love, since it actually holds all the pieces in it easily, so there isn't as much of pieces gong all over the place like usually happens with multi-piece toys/games.

The age recommendation on this game is 3 and up. I think any child in that Candyland/Memory sort of stage would enjoy this. There are actually four different games that can be played with it,with different suggestions to make it easier or harder, depending on your child's age and skill level, so even early elementary age would have fun with this.
Bear was really involved in the first game, Cookie Towers, which is correctly matching the cookie halves and then making a taller stack than your opponent. This worked on his fine motor skills, as well as color recognition and matching.  Bear matched the chocolate cookies and Monkey matched the vanilla ones, so there was no arguing over whose were whose. Though I spy a vanilla cookie in Bear's hand in this pic. *Shrugs*
The three other games have to do with prediction and patterns. Monkey really got into the pattern game, Which is Next?
This game was a huge hit with my boys and will be something that I pull out whenever I want them to stop running around like maniacs have a little quiet time.

You can win your own game! Whether you have a child in this age range or want to give it as a unique gift, this is a fabulous game.


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CSN stores provided me with a free game for the purpose of this review/giveaway. You should know by now that I always say what I think about things, so you can trust my opinion.  Winner will be selected by random number generator.

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