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Friday, November 25, 2011

Things They Can't Say About Parenting

With the holiday this week, we're trying something different for the Things They Can't Say feature. Last week, over on my facebook page, I asked you to tell me a hard truth, something you don't always like to admit, about parenting(in just 1-3 sentences). Below are some of the responses.

Having a newborn and three year old has been very overwhelming. So much so that twice this week I have forgotten to buckle my three year old in his car seat! Not proud of this...ugh!

Sometimes I wonder if I would be a more effective parent if my kids were afraid of me. If they had more fear of what might happen if they misbehaved.

I prayed for the summer to be over and for school to arrive so I could send my youngest away for 2 hours a day. His constant whining at me and crying over nothing exhaust me, and I desperately needed a break from him!
-Victoria, The First Day

I can't talk about my parenting disagreements with my husband. We are in a different camp on everything and it's breaking us apart into tiny pieces.
-Tracy, Sellabitmum

Some days, I just want a whole day to myself and on those days, being with my son all day is hard. I feel guilty just thinking it.

From working with kids for years I thought I knew it all and parenting would be easy, but I have been proven wrong. There have been many days, especially with my son, when I don't know why he's acting a certain way or why something hurts. I am terrified something is wrong with him.
-Evonne, Jules Outloud

I'm terrified of leaving my girl- emotionally and/or physically- the way so many other "parents" in my immediate family have left their kids (at one point or another). I pray i'm the exception, but am terrified of history repeating itself.
-Christina, Finally Mom

I struggle with guilt over my postpartum. Im hoping and praying Im not screwing my kids up, because I have issues.

I wish there was a way to have it all, be a good mom, wife and woman without giving up little parts of myself. I worry I'm too selfish to be a mom sometimes.

Your kids won't remember that the house was perfect. They will remember the time you spent with them. Priorities!

I find myself showing less and less affection to my older child, I don't know if it's a mix of because she's getting older and how I don't really show affection to people in general (not a touchy/feely person). I hug, kiss, and snuggle up to the baby like crazy, but as much to the big kid and I feel SO guilty & often hate myself for it.

I have always worried that I will turn into my Mom as I get older with the way that I interact with my child and my husband. Now I am scared that I really AM turning into her. . . It's not the person I want to be.

I don't always like my job as mom or my kids! Horrible? I know BUt being the single parent right now (for a year!) is tough in a lot of ways.

parenting is hard enough without having to navigate MY parents' unsolicited "advice" or "concerns" about my children. You had your turn. Keep it to yourself now.
-Christine, Quasi Agitato

I have an 11 y/o girl & 5 3/4 y/o boy and I still struggle daily with how much I need to do FOR them vs. how much I should encourage them to do for themselves. I want to raise capable people without putting too much on them as children.
-Jennifer, Just Jennifer

I know my son acts out sometimes because I don't give him enough attention, but I still find it hard to pay full attention for as long as I should.

Out I lied about being a more patient mom after already raising a pack of kids. My daughter who is being raised as an only, gets the short end of the stick a lot because, well because my stick is worn down to a nub.

somedays i dont like my son. like really,dont like him. maybe he is too much like me?

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