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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sharing the Love

Looking for some awesome new blogs to follow? Once again, I'm throwing out the rules to awards, since you know I'm not scared of the blog police, and using these awards as a chance to tell you about some fabulous blogs that you should be following.

I linked up a favorite(recent favorite, since I'm still a little lazy) post of each of these bloggers to show you why I love them.

Please go and visit them!


You're Looking at a Kick-Ass Blogger. Doesn't that award make you happy? It makes me happy. Samantha, from Apple Juice and Milk bestowed this one on me. The post of hers that I'm sending you to is how she deals with a child having a fit. I love it and am going to try this next time. It will keep me calm and entertained.

I'm giving this to Masala Chica and sending you to this post, where she confesses her "flaws," which I just see as all the reason I adore her.

I'm also giving it to Marymac at Pajamas and Coffee. The post I'm sending you to is a bit on the PG-13 rated side, but it totally cracks me up and is probably the way I'd handle a sex toy situation if I ever stopped being repressed and actually had one.


I was given the Sunshine Award from three different bloggers this week. The Mommyologist, whom, you should know by now, is my bloggysister, so I'm assuming that if you follow me, you also follow her, but if not, go check out this post of hers and you'll see what I mean.

Diana from My Lifesong also passed this on to me. Go here to read about her 7 year anniversary with her husband. Awww.

My idea of a sippy cup is the same as Jessica's at Mommy's Sippy Cup: here's some great wisdom she's acquired as she has "aged."

I'm passing this one along to Brandi at My Three Bubs who makes me feel better that I freak out when I see a bug.

Kmama at The Daily Dribbles is also getting this award as a thanks for the free therapy she offers on Thursdays. Though, this thanks is sincere. ;)


How cute is this puppy? This Awesome award came from Cole at I Heart My Chaotic Life. Click here for the most practical quick cleaning tips I've ever heard.

I'm giving this award to two of my very first bloggyfriends: Princess of Sarcasm and Lisa at Kssnnikkel Go read about the surprise party gone wrong at Princess's blog and the stories we tell kids at Lisa's(enter her giveaway while you're there- not many entries right now!).


I have a few more to share, but I'll save them for another day.

Once again, I am turning off comments for this post because I want you to go visit some of these blogs and tell them that I sent you.

Just so you know, turning off comments makes me totally neurotic and I end up visiting all the links I left you, to see who actually did go visit- it made me happy last week to see that some of you did listen to my suggestions. :)

If you decide to follow one of them, you can come back and tell me on my 500 business cards giveaway post as an extra entry! And, if you haven't entered already, please do!

Enjoy these fabulous blogs!