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Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Fabulousness

I'm trying something a little bit different today. I was given a few awards this week and instead of following any of the rules that come with them, I am going to tell you why I love the ladies who gave them to me and why the ladies that I'm giving the awards to are fabulous, too.

I'm only giving each award to one person, so that there's a greater chance that you will go over and show them some love. I'm trying to spread some of these around: click on the "award" label on the bottom of this post- I've probably given you an award already if you're not on here. ;) Or will soon because I have the most fabulous followers....um, well, as long as I have awards to give out. Shameless request for more awards

Shandal (like "chandelier" and yes, she is trying to brainwash you into thinking of her every time you see a chandelier) over at My Life in 3-D gave me this Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging Award. Sort of. She said that it went to the first 10 to comment and then when I commented she told me I had to take it or she'd beat me up. No, not really, she's a very sweet girl and is probably appalled that I would suggest she would do such a thing. She's that nice...and yet, she likes me anyway.
I'm giving this award to Juliana at A Blonde Walks into a Blog. I found her blog after she visited here first and I'm so glad that she stopped by. She is just the cutest thing, has amazing drool-worthy giveaways, and talks about everything and anything: the serious, the silly, the sweet. It's like talking to one of your best girlfriends. I was totally intimidated by her enormous number of followers at first and thought that she'd never even notice yet another one, but she is a fantastic commenter, too! The post I'm linking at her blog is so very sweet- I got tears.

The Circle of Friends Award came from Arizona Mama at Our Daze in the Desert. The post I'm sending you to is one about all the random things that have happened to her dh and how he handled them. I was totally cracking up. She's another down-to-earth person that I can add to my list of people I wish lived anywhere near me.

The Mommyologist is practically my bloggy sister, so I'm giving her this award even though I am pretty sure I've given her an award before, oh well. We have so much in common that sometimes I think she might be my twin that no one told me about. We were born in the same year in the same city(where neither of us lives now), so who knows. After all, I've yet to figure out how two non-browned-eyed parents can produce a brown-eyed child and my blood-type doesn't match either of my parents either. Hey, wait a sec...Anyway, back to The Mommyologist. Since she's so much like my sis, if you like reading my blog, well, you'd like reading hers, too. I am sending you to a butt post, but it's so hilarious, not really disgusting, I promise. It shouldn't make you gag if you are eating, but it might make you spit out your drink from laughing.

Karin from Mommy Matters gave me this Happy 101 Award. She is one of the most put-together mamas I know. She's doing a series on organization that has me so jealous. She's a Christian, homeschooling, gorgeous blogger. I purposely did not send you to her recent post about her mommy makeover because you might be too jealous of how incredibly freaking gorgeous she is to see that she has the most beautiful heart, too. If I didn't know that, I would probably label her a motherbitch out of pure jealousy think that we have nothing in common, but really I just ♥ her.

I'm giving this award to Helene at I'm Living Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor. She has two sets of twins, close in age. Just add her to my growing list of people I wish lived closer to me. We could put all of our kids together for a playdate and be perfectly okay with the ensuing chaos. I love how her kids will do something crazy and she stops to document it in a picture or a video for her blog. Can't really do anything about it then, anyway, so might as well get a few laughs out of it. The story I'm sending you to- well, let me just tell you that she still hasn't found that lizard.

I'm actually going to turn off comments for this post. I'm struggling with this because I love talking back to you(btw, if you comment on one of my posts and DON'T get an email in return, fix your profile for me, pretty please so that I can email you back!).

But, I really want you to go visit one or more of these ladies and tell them that I sent you.

If you decide to follow one of them, you can come back and tell me on my 500 business cards giveaway post as an extra entry! And, if you haven't entered already, please do!

Enjoy these fabulous blogs!