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Monday, February 2, 2009

Laundry Mountain

Where does all the laundry come from?

Just when I think I might actually have it somewhat under control, there is yet another dirty clothes mountain in my hallway. I know that I have three small children, but it still seems rather excessive.

So, as an experiment, I thought I'd keep track of the dirty laundry today. Oh, and today was just an ordinary day: we were mostly at home, with just a short trip to the grocery store. No messy art projects or going to the park or anything else where you expect your child to get excessively dirty.

It actually started first thing in the morning. I was giving Cub his antibiotic(he ended up getting the same thing as Bear a week after I had Bear into the doctor's office), which he had loved(I highly recommend getting all children's medicine flavored, it's soooo worth the $2.99)...well, he had loved it up until this morning. He sucked down the first teaspoon worth, but when I put the half teaspoon in his mouth, he spit it right back out. Pink goo all over his footie pjs. Had they not gotten dirty, he would have stayed in them all day, as I put them on him right after his bath last night and I like to keep him in his pjs since it's so cold and he's still little enough that it looks cute, instead of like I can't get my kids dressed in the morning.

On to the next mess. I was giving all three boys breakfast and when I turned to give Bear another waffle, Cub grabbed the jar of pears that I had been feeding him and dumped it all over himself. The bib he was wearing would protect from the normal feeding mess, but this went all over his lap. Into the laundry went his bib and his romper. Oh, and my shirt since there wasn't any way to pick him up and change him without getting pears on me.

I avoided another piece of dirty laundry when he found Bear's water bottle that was filled with juice and got it all over himself, as he was in just a diaper, waiting for me to go get him a new outfit. So, into the tub and into a new outfit he went.

While I was taking care of that mess, Monkey and Bear managed to get their pjs messy- pjs that normally would have been folded over the side of the pack and play and worn again tonight; Monkey by dropping his bagel with cream cheese all down himself and Bear by reaching the honey that I thought was too high for him to reach, opening the cap, and trying to squirt some into his mouth. So, along with their pjs went my socks, since I stepped in some of the honey that was on the floor.

The next mess was Bear spilling milk down the front of his shirt at snack time. Again, it got on my shirt. Another shirt for Bear, but I left mine on, since I decided it wasn't too bad and we had already returned home from our trip to Walmart without incident, so no one was going to be seeing me anyway.

When Cub woke up from his nap, his romper was soaked with pee. Into the laundry it went. At this point, it was dinner time and I saved myself another mess by waiting until after dinner to dress him.

At dinner, Monkey spilled Bear's water cup and Bear immediately jumped out of his chair to splash in the puddle, getting his pants completely soaked. Close enough to bedtime, so into pjs he went. I managed to soak my socks cleaning up the puddle.

Then there was just the normal end of day changing into pjs for Monkey.

So, the grand total of laundry for today was: 3 sets of pjs, 1 bib, 2 rompers, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of socks, and then my clothes when I get ready for bed...if I don't fall asleep in them, anyway. Guess that's not too awful bad. I shudder to think what our laundry list would look like on the days when we get creative with art projects or go to the park.


Blogger Ryan & Lois said...

I know how you feel, completely. It's so like that at my house. I feel like I get all the laundry caught up, and then accidentaly don't do any laundry for a day, and the mountain is back. It goes on forever!! :)

February 16, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

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