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Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Day

There are days when I'm done in by noon. Today was one of those days.

Monkey had half day camp at a kids' gym today. So, we were out the door by 9am. Got to the gym, loaded the littles into the stroller and took Monkey up to the gym. Bear starts freaking out when he realizes that he is not going to get to play there. He managed to get himself out of the straps on his stroller and was saying, "I could play, I could play!" And then the screaming began when I told him that he couldn't.

We zoom on out of there, leaving Monkey behind. Drive over to Babies R Us to return a pair of Cub's shoes that he got for Christmas, but that are too small. Unfortunately, while I made certain that I had brought along the gift receipt, I had left the shoes at home. Fortunately, I had at least realized that mistake before I had taken the boys out of their car seats.

So, to try to placate Bear, who is still whimpering about how he "could play," I went thru the drive thru at Krispy Kreme. That seemed to help.

Then, even though we would be early, I decided to drive over to the doctor's office for Cub's appointment for his second flu shot. As I was about to pull into the parking lot, my phone rang. It was the gym...Monkey had had an accident.

WHAT???? He hasn't had an accident since last summer. So, I turn back around and start driving back to the gym(almost 10 minutes away), trying to figure out if I should go into Walmart and buy him new pants and underwear, or if I should just pick him up. As I'm about to turn into Walmart, my phone rings again; someone from the gym saying that they found extra clothes and Monkey is fine, so I don't have to bring him anything.

Turn BACK around and go to the doctor's. Actually get there on time, too. Cub gets his flu shot with minimal crying, Bear gets a pretzel, we're doing okay.

Managed to do the grocery shopping for this week before we had to pick up Monkey. Then, get back to the gym, load the littles in the stroller, go in to get him. He was hiding, not wanting to come home. Bear again starts insisting that he could play and he's miserable. Monkey is afraid that he's going to get in trouble for wetting his pants(he said he didn't know where the bathroom was and it was too late by the time the teacher told him...I'll let that go, I guess). Oh, and Cub is tired.

So, we get back out to the truck, get all three loaded into their car seats...and only then do I notice that Bear must have pulled one of the gym tshirts off the shelf and put it into the stroller.

This is not a place where I could just run back into quickly and hand it back to them- it's inside, up the stairs, and down the hall. So, I would have had to take all three back out of their car seats, taken them upstairs, dropped the shirt off, then back downstairs, back into car seats, then we could finally leave. Sound like too much effort? I thought so, too. So, we just left. I figure that I have to go back to return the clothes that they let Monkey wear, so I'll return the shirt then, too. I just hope it doesn't get lost in all the mess in the truck....


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