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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Neighorhood

Welcome to my neighborhood!

Well, my blog neighborhood, anyway.

Wait, wait, wait. Could you please do me a favor and cast your daily vote for Mason? HERE it goes right to his page, click on 5 stars, and you're done! Thanks. :)

So....welcome, welcome.

You know, I really do feel like my blog friends are my real friends. It doesn't make much of a difference that I haven't met most of you in real life. I mean, you know things about me that my irl friends don't. I feel like I can tell you everything and you are so incredibly supportive. And, in return, you let me into your lives as well.

I have to tell you that I have SUCKED ROYALLY at keeping up with blog awards lately. I really do love that some of you have given me awards lately, I'm just sucking at keeping up and passing them on.

But, what I want to do is to be sure to introduce you to some of my neigbors. My blog neighbors. People that I pretend live right down the street from me and we talk all the time. I wish we were real neighbors.

If you aren't following these blogs, you're missing out. And they are friendly neighbors, who follow back. ;)

First is my big sis, who I hope doesn't mind that I'm calling her that, since of course she's not really my big sis, but it just feels that way. I go to her to cry on her shoulder and there's such amazing loyalty there. Tammy is one of the sweetest bloggers I know: Tammy's Two Cents

Next is Steph, at Got One Past the Goalie. It's quite possible that we are soul sisters. Together, we would jump up and cheer like the cheerleaders we never were, drink some sweet tea vodka with lemonade, ignore the clutter all around us, and listen to some country music. Of course, she has to wait for her baby to be born before she could have that drink. I'm vey excited that we might actually get to meet this summer, since she lives in my hometown.

Then, there's Kim at Mom Tried It who would be the neighbor I would go to when I needed advice. She had a fabulous post this week about how every woman is beautiful. She even posed in her bikini to prove it. How can you not admire her for that? Though, she is adorable, so maybe that didn't count.

Then there's my little sis- again, I just make these relationships up and hope that these girls won't mind, she's not my only little sis, but we'll get to those another time- Michelle over at Mommy Loves Stilettos. She's gorgeous and sassy and will fight for the best for her kids- in some battles that are tougher than what some of the rest of us face.

Do you know what you need in your neighborhood? A babysitter who would drop anything to watch your kids and you know that they are in great hands: the auntie, no, not mine, but for my kids. For me, that's Oka at The One and Only Oka. Unfotunately, she's not really close enough to be able to help me with my boys, but I wish! This is my pretend neighborhood, you know.

I think that's a good enough tour of my neighborhood for now. But, I have a big neighborhood and lots more amazing neighbors/bloggers to introduce you to another time.

Comments are off- I'm working like a wild woman trying to get us al packed for our move next week. Go visit some of these girls....oh yeah, and don't forget to vote for Mason!


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