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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I resisted facebook for a long time. Freaked me out. Too many people being able to find me. People I never even liked in the first place. Why would they care what I am doing?

But, I eventually gave in.

And am addicted.

It's the nosiness in me.

I love being nosey.

But, there is Crazy-Helpless-Emoticon-Stalker Girl(CHESG for short, doesn't it just roll off your tongue?).

We went to high school together. I think we probably had p.e. together or something like that. Some class where there were 300 other kids in it. So, we never talked. Or maybe we occasionally exchanged incredibly personal thoughts like "Why are we playing ping-pong?" and "I think this shirt has been in my gym locker for 6 months."

But, I friend-accepted her anyway.

She's a first-time mom whose son is the same age as my youngest. And she seemed lonely. So, I patiently answered her questions and even hooked her up with some moms' groups so that she could find other people to harass...I mean, ask advice of.

But, still, the questions kept coming. And, not normal things or even just a question or two at a time. 20 freaking questions in one email. Your son's pics are cute. Where did you get them done? Who was the photographer? Did they suggest outfits or did you do that? Where did you get the cake that you brought? Did you clean up the mess or did they? How much was the cake? How much was the package that you got? My mom wants to pick her own pictures, can she come back and order more? How much are reprints? and on and on.

I kid you not.

My response was to thank her and then tell her the name of the place where we had the pics taken and that they could answer her questions better than I could.

CHESG(did I mention that she uses at least one emoticon in every sentence?) sent me an email last week, saying that she had looked on my blog(not this one, but my other one that just has pics of my boys and cute little stories about them) and she was asking all these questions. Which park was the one where the baby was crawling through a tunnel? Which one had a sand area? Which one...blah, blah, blah? And, could I tell her the names of the parks and where they are? And how far away from her house are they(thankfully, she and I live about 45 minutes away from each other)? And would her son have things to do there? What else is at those parks? Which ones are our favorites?

Okay, first of all, I was super busy last week, getting things ready for my brother's wedding. Plus, all the normal stuff involved with taking care of three kiddos. AND, I had already told her a few months ago where some good parks are. I did not have time for her craziness. Especially since, in all her ramblings, she said that she just wants to make a list of parks to try :) for future reference ;) when her son is old enough :D. (I kid you not on the emoticons- annoying, isn't it- that's why I am only imitating her once)

So, I ignored her.

Two days later, SHE RESENDS THE EMAIL, along with a little note saying that her email has been acting up and did I see this message from her?

I really should have ignored it.

But, instead, I replied, and yes, I know it was bitchy: "I did see it, but we're really busy this week and I didn't have a chance to respond. I don't know any secret parks, so just google parks in your area and try different ones to see which ones you like."

She almost immediately responded "I didn't know that you were so busy all of a sudden. Sorry if my asking one question ruined your whole day."

No, I haven't responded. And I don't plan to.

But, here is what I wanted to say:

What? Just because you read my facebook status, you think you know me or have any idea what is going on in my life? I don't post important things on there, so NO, you don't know me b/c you are my facebook "friend." Besides, regardless of how busy this week is with things you know nothing about, I have three children. I'm always busy. And, you didn't ask one question, you asked 47. I highly doubt that there is anything wrong with your email. Maybe everyone else is tired of your neediness and doesn't feel like answering you any more, either.

Instead, I just deleted the message and blocked her on facebook. Because I'm mature like that.


Blogger Chief said...

I get in bog trouble on FB. I comment and rant and rave on others walls, offending their friends and start wars. ITs awesome

September 23, 2009 at 3:20 PM  

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